Beyond Housing Explains Complex Subject of Poverty in Just Under Four Minutes

Addressing social issues like poverty and communities in decline is not simple—it’s complex.

This inherit complexity makes it all the more challenging to communicate both the problem and solution in a way that is easily digestible.

To support Beyond Housing’s “Once and for All” effort, Bailey & Co. has created an explainer video that breaks down the subject of poverty, its impact on the greater region, and Beyond Housing’s innovative holistic model for creating real change.

The model is based on Beyond Housing’s several decades of experience as well as data and learnings from national thought leaders, including Health Equity Works at Washington University in St. Louis, the Aspen Institute, the Stanford Social Innovation Review, NeighborWorks America, and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

The video will serve as a tool for educating partners, donors, and the Greater St. Louis region about the negative impacts of concentrated poverty, and why a comprehensive, holistic approach is critical for creating real and lasting change.