Yay, Capitalism.

There’s a new Capitalism in town.

It’s likable.


Get behind-able.

And highly profitable.

A Capitalism that realizes profit and the greater good aren’t mutually exclusive—they’re joined at the hip.

That thriving businesses and thriving communities go hand in hand and mutual interest and self-interest are one and the same.

That “good” isn’t limited to philanthropy or responsibility—good is a smart business model and a competitive advantage.

And that a business can be a catalyst for change.

Yay, Capitalism—you just might save us yet.

Good makes great.

Bailey & Co. is a purpose-led consultancy and branding firm that helps brands do good in the world in order to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way. A way of connecting that goes beyond product—to shared values, common goals, and mutual success. We believe that, now more than ever, these elements are at the core of any successful relationship between company and consumer, and are an essential ingredient in making good brands great.