Fenwick Rebranding Campaign: Feel Everything

Bailey & Co. worked with Pure Fishing to launch a new brand campaign for Fenwick called “Feel Everything.”

Fenwick makes ultra-sensitive, lightweight rods that allow expert anglers to feel all the nuances of structure below the surface. Being able to feel the world below through the tip of the rod enables anglers to fish smarter, with more precision.

Bailey & Co. and Pure Fishing took a bold, minimalist approach with the print and in-store, choosing no visuals of lakes or even product. This minimalist approach combined with evocative headlines and copy enables readers to see in their mind’s eye—just how they do when reeling a lure across a stumpy lake bottom.

Broadcast and online video carries over the understated, minimalist approach. Set against evocative imagery of a variety of freshwater spots from lakes to in-shore estuaries, a voiceover runs through a list of underwater structures known to expert anglers and invites them to “hold it all in your hands, and fish.”

This is the first branding campaign for the Fenwick brand in several years. Despite limited marketing, Fenwick has retained a loyal following of anglers for more than 50 years who appreciate the craftsmanship of this classic American brand and the understated expertise of Fenwick anglers.

The name Fenwick comes from the brand’s origins in Lake Fenwick, Washington.